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60 Igbo Names & Their Meaning.

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60 Igbo Names & Their Meaning.

Igbo names and their meanings have always been a question
for the non- Igbos. Most Yoruba names are easily translated
because of its structure. They are usually combinations of the
most commonly spoken Yoruba words, most times prayers.
Igbo names
know no boundaries as there are Igbo names and meanings
for baby boys , Igbo names for girls , Igbo names for twins,
and funky Igbo names. Twins in Igbo culture are called ejima.
Just as other cultures have numerous names for God, there
are also many Igbo names for God.
The Igbo tribe hails from the southeastern part of the beautiful
nation, Nigeria. An ethnic group is known for being its
brother’s keeper, the Igbos are known for their marketing
skills, trade, business, and construction. The Igbo man and
woman can make a business out of anything. Their ethnic
name defines their culture and the personal name describes
each individual’s unique being. A name is a means of
identification. Names tell who you are, where you’re from, the
family or clan and sometimes your purpose. Most Nigerian
names are prayers.
The average Nigerian believes in speaking things into
existence, hence the prayers being names. Just like other
cultures, most
Igbos believe what you call a child can determine their future.
The Igbo man loves to appraise God in the naming of a child.
These names have undertones with strong meanings. A name
also tells your position in your family, the circumstances under
which a child was born and even the type of birth, multiple
1. Achebe: This name is famous but uncommon thanks to the
Nigerian novelist, poet, professor and critic, Chinua Achebe .
Achebe means one who is protected by the goddess.
2. Adaego: Adaego means daughter of wealth. To every
beautiful girl bearing the name, you are a daughter of wealth.
3. Adaeze: Adaeze is a name given to a princess. This name
means the daughter of a king.
4. Adaugo: Adaugos are very beautiful as the name implies.
The name means beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle
5. Adanna: Adanna is another beautiful Igbo name which
means father’s daughter, given to the eldest daughter.
6. Adaobi: Adaobi is a name given to the first daughter in the
7. Adaku: Adaku is a name given to the girl born with a silver
spoon or one who brings a silver spoon to her home.
8. Adaolisa: Adaolisa is a name given to a girl meaning God’s
9. Afamefuna : Afamefuna is a name for a male child. This
name means ‘my name will not be lost’.
10. Akunna: Akunna means father’s wealth and is a name
given to females.
11. Chukwudi: Chukwudi is a variant of the name Chidi,
meaning god exists.
12. Nnamdi: Nnamdi is a powerful name given to boys in Igbo
It means “my father is alive”
13. Chimdindu: My God is alive.
14. Okonkwo: Okonkwo is someone born on Nkwo day being
one of the days in the Igbo
15. Chimdi: Chimdi means God lives. This name is unisex.
16. Chidera: Chidera is a unisex name which means God has
17. Kelechi: Kelechi is a unisex name which means thank God.
18. Chinenye: Chinenye translates to God gives heart.
19. Kenechukwu: Kenechukwu, just like Kelechi means thank
20. Chukwuemeka: This name is given to boys, and it means
God has done something great.
21. Amadi: Amadi is a name for boys. Amadi means free man.
22. Oluchi : God’s work
23. Amobi: Who knows the heart of man? Amobi is a name for
a male child which poses a serious question.
24. Chinonso: Chinonso is a unisex name mostly given to boys
which means God is nearby.
25. Chiamaka: Chiamaka is a female name which means God
is beautiful.
26. Amaka: Amaka means a queen of ravishing beauty who is
spontaneous and versatile by nature
27. Anwulika: Anwulika means my joy is great or joy is greater.
It is mostly given to girls.
28. Arinze: Arinze is a male name. it means “if not for God” or
“thanks be to God”.
29. Chibuike: Chibuike means God is strength and is a male
30. Obiora: Obiora is a male name. it means “everyone’s
31. Chigozie: Chigozie is a name given mostly to boys. It
means God has blessed me.
32. Chetachi/Chetachukwu: This name is unisex and it means
one who always remembers God.
33. Nnenna: Father’s mother
34. Chibuzor: Chibuzor is given mainly to boys but it is unisex.
It means God first or God leads.
35. Ebuka: Ebuka is a male name which means God is great.
36. Chinedu: Chinedu is a name given to male children. It
means God leads.
37. Chinyere : God This name is given to female children.
38. Okeke: Someone born on Eke day, being one of the days in
the Igbo
39. Uchenna: Often shortened to Uche, Uchenna is unisex and
it means God’s idea.
40. Okafor: One born on Afor day, being one of the days of the
Igbo week
41. Amaechi: Amaechi is given to male children and it means
‘who knows tomorrow’.
42. Amarachi: Amarachi means God’s grace and is given to
female children.
43. Chidiebere: God is merciful.
44. Chidinma: God is good.
45. Chika: God is the greatest
46. Chioma: Good God. This name is a female name.
47. Chike: God’s power. This name is given to males.
48. Chima: Chima is a unisex name. It means God knows.
49. Chinwe: Chinwe is a unisex name given mainly to females.
It means God owns
50. Chinwendu: God owns life
51. Ebele: Ebele is a unisex name which means mercy and
52. Ekene: Ekene means praise.
53. Chidozie: Chidozie is a prayer, the name means may God
fix it and make it good for me. It is a male name.
54. Onyinye: Onyinye is a name given to beautiful girls, it
means gift.
55. Chisom: Chisom means God follows me.
56. Ikenna: Ikenna means father’s power.
57. Ifunanya: Ifunanya means love and it is a female name.
58. Chizoba: This name is unisex and it means God protect us
59. Ngozi: Ngozi is one of the most common Igbo names,
given to beautiful girls. Ngozi means blessing.
60. Nkiruka: Nkiruka is a beautiful name for females. Nkiruka
means the best is still to come.


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